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Some Tips That Will Make It Easier To Navigate The B&B Ads Online Program

Using the KEYWORD SEARCH feature.
KEYWORD SEARCH allows you to enter any word in the search box to find ads or elements of ads containing that word. You can locate ads for promoting special events (Anniversary, Red Tag, Harvest, etc.) … ads showing certain objects or products (sofa, tent, clock, etc.) … or even animals (dog, cat, elephant, etc.)

To find ads with generic montages of furniture, enter the word “generic” in the search box. To find ads with furniture borders, enter “border”. If you want to be even more specific, you can use “photo” or “art” along with those words to narrow the search. Generally, the fewer search words you enter as your criteria, the larger the number of ads that will appear. You can also use Keyword Search to find ads with people. Search under “man”, “woman”, “couple” or “crowd”. You can further define your search by adding “photo”, “art” or “cartoon” to the end of those words.

CATEGORY SEARCH is another option.
CATEGORY SEARCH gives you seven major categories to select from. The “Christmas”, “Store Positioning” and “Clearance” categories each contain many ads. As you browse these categories you may want to place any ad that you especially like in your personal favorites section (see “Add to Favorites” below) and avoid having to go through the entire category each time you’re looking for that type of ad. You can also narrow the number of ads you need to go through by using Keyword Search. So instead of searching through all of the Christmas ads as a single category, it may be easier to enter “Pre-Holiday”, “Pre-Christmas” or “After Christmas” in order to reduce the number of ads you go through to find the one you want.

You will find the largest selection of ads that you can run just about any time of the year under the “Store Positioning” category.

“Add to Favorites”, “Add & Continue” & “Add & View”.
After you have entered your search criteria, all of the ads that fall under that prerequisite will be displayed. The number of ads shown on your computer screen is pre-set at six but can be increased by each user. A drop-down box at the bottom of each page allows you to select up to 96 ads to be shown on the screen at a time. The number of ads that you choose to view on each page determines how quickly your computer loads those images for your viewing. Six ads per page will load quicker than 96 ads per page.

When you see an ad you like, click on that ad and it will move to a page by itself. While you are still on that page, you will find ad size and color availability … and three bars reading “Add to Favorites”, “Add & Continue” and “Add & View”. “Add to Favorites” is a handy holding place that lets you set aside ads for future consideration. The ads will remain in this special section until you remove them.

“Add & Continue” lets you place the ad in your shopping basket and continue to browse other ads. “Add & View” will place the ad in your shopping basket and show you a listing of the other ads in the basket. By clicking on the title of any item in your favorites file or shopping basket, that ad will reappear. If you wish to delete the ad from your shopping basket, but keep it in your favorites section, click on the title. Then, when the ad appears, place it in your favorites section. If you simply delete the ad from the shopping basket, it will go back to the general ad base and you will have to find it again.

To continue your search in the category or keyword mode you had selected, simply “page back” to the point where you left off.

Want to see the ad in a larger size?
While on the single ad page, click on the ad displayed and a larger size of the ad will appear that is easier to view and read. Click your print key and this will give you a good size copy of the ad to discuss and use as a planning worksheet. “Page back” to where you left off.

Ordering ads is quick and easy.
Simply follow the “checkout” prompts and your order will be e-mailed to us. Ads will be billed to your credit card account according to the rate package you have chosen, plus shipping. The licensing fee per ad, as well as shipping options will be displayed on the checkout page. You can review each ad in your shopping basket by simply clicking on the title of the ad. At that point you can either keep the ad in your shopping basket and place your order, or you can move it to your “favorites” section for future consideration, or delete it from your basket and return it to the general database. Shipping options include downloading the ad, e-mailing the ad, or sending it on a CD via U.S. mail or Fed-ex. Downloading should be the preferred option for you or your newspaper and is the only option that is “FREE” of additional shipping charges.

Downloading Ads.
Downloading ads is easy. Once you have completed a purchase from your shopping basket, that ad will appear in your “PURCHASE” basket. Simply go into your Purchase basket and click on either the PC or Mac version of the ad you would like to download. Downloading ads gives you or your newspaper the ad you order right when you order it. Downloading time will vary for each ad depending on the size of the art files within each ad and the capabilities of your computer and internet lines. The most efficient way for you to use downloaded ads is to have your newspaper download them directly and make any changes that you have outlined on the large planning image that you printed from the website. Your newspaper will be able to make changes directly to the downloaded ad using a Quark program. The Purchase basket keeps a listing of all ads purchased and they are available for downloading as many times as you like as long as you are a member.

Ad Locator number makes finding ads a snap.
After you have entered your search criteria, all of the ads that fall under that prerequisite will be displayed. When you see an ad that you like, click on that ad and it will move to a page by itself. Below the ad is an ad locator number. It will begin with the letter “P” for ads from the PRO Ad Service, or a “C” for ads from the Continental Ad Service. That letter will be followed by a series of numbers: two digits for the year, two digits for the month and two digits for the ad number. This number corresponds to the issue that contained the ad. Using this reference number will help you quickly find any ad that you may have received from us in the past.

Let us hear from you.
As you become more familiar with Ads OnLine, it will be considerably easier for you to plan your ads. We are always eager to have your comments and suggestions.

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